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My Therapeutic Approach

My aim is to provide a supportive and confidential therapeutic space for you to explore the issues that concern you. 

Humanistic Counselling - what this means to you


I am an integrative, humanistic practitioner. This means that I believe that you have the inner resources available to make the changes in your life that you wish, however, at times, life can be challenging, issues and problems can seem insurmountable and you may see no way forward.

As a humanistic practitioner, I believe that given the right conditions - a respectful, genuine and empathic space, you will be able to find that way forward and the solutions that you might seek.

I work with what your goals and objectives are for counselling, at your pace. I aim to be active and present in the process, offering my thoughts, feelings or potentially a different perspective, if I feel this will help you. 

I believe that therapy is a collaborative process, which allows you the opportunity to become more self aware, with the potential for healing, growth and change.

Integrative Counselling - what this means to you


Working integratively means I see you as a unique individual and will work with different techniques to suit you. It may involve drawing from other approaches, like psychodynamic counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), however you drive the process.

I am also informed by attachment theory, which means that I believe how we relate to others in the world today is heavily influenced by our early attachments. For instance, if you notice that the same problems, or situations keep reoccurring in your life, I can help you identify their origins, so that you have the opportunity to make changes if you wish.


Research has shown that regardless of the approach of the practitioner, the most important aspect of counselling is the trusting, therapeutic relationship between the counsellor and client, therefore I aim to create an open and relaxed atmosphere, where you can feel safe to explore what matters to you.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Carl Rogers

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